Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

by admin · Published April 28, 2017 · Updated May 16, 2017

Dear New Student,

Welcome to Graffins College! You have successfully made it to a new chapter in your life. I thank you for having the courage and commitment in making Graffins College a part of your experience. I know that you will enjoy you time here.

Graffins College is an excellent place to start. whether you wish to continue your Higher Education and transfer to university, or seek employment after studies. Our team is here to provide students with guidance and direction on the best  International Academic & Industry Qualifications available to each student.

As your Dean, I wish to give you some words of advice that will help you create the best college experience. The pursuit of education is a wonderful experience, but it has its own challenges and obstacles along the way. You will find that there are many different support systems and services designed to assist you along the way, Primarily our career councilors, faculty and staff here at Graffins College.

Remember to make your academic success a priority, and while doing so, make sure to enhance your opportunities and enrich your experience at Graffins College. We have so many advantages, trainings, seminars and programs that will help you expand your horizons. Your Experience with Graffins College will take you places never imagined possible!

I wish you an exciting semester!


Best Regards

J.M. Kuria

Dean of Studies


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